Ringo Kingdom(Hirosaki Aomori)

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Hirosaki City is “The Ringo Kingdom

Hirosaki City is “The Ringo Kingdom”

“The Ringo Kingdom” is located in the Hirosaki region, which is sitting on the foot of big mountain of Iwaki and is rich in nature with clear four seasons.

In fall of “The Ringo Kingdom”, all citizens celebrate its prosperity with gratitude of apple harvest under the order by the King.

Several events such as music festival and parade, or of delicious foods, handicrafts, sports and arts are held all over the town. The Kingdom will be filled with apple color.

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「(English Sub) The Quiet Struggle of a Young Apple Grower - The Aomori Prefectural Apple Fair -」

「Produced by RINGOAME-MAN(ringo-a.me)
Filmed by Yuichiro Fujishiro(ringo-a.me) and HIROSAKI UNIVERSITY students」

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