About the Ringo Kingdom

The Hirosaki region is located on foot of a big mountain “Mount Iwaki” and has rich nature with clear four seasons. “The Ringo Kingdom” is located right there.

All citizens in the Kingdom love apples very much.

In spring, white blooms of apples surround the castle, and in autumn, carriages loading lots of apples come and go in the town.
A smiling person of fruits shop will speak loudly to passersby like “Delicious apples! Apples in Hirosaki are number one in the world!”


Apples in “The Ringo Kingdom” will make everyone happy.
People from around the world visit the Kingdom to buy those apples.
Even the travelers get tired after their long trip, as soon as they eat those apples, they will recover so quickly.

Ringo Kingdom's apple(Hirosaki)
King of the Ringo Kingdom(Hirosaki)

The King of this “Ringo Kingdom” is a cheerful child who is loved by everyone.
His role is to eat apples and make everyone happy.

In autumn in “The Ringo Kingdom”, all citizens celebrate the Kingdom’s prosperity with appreciating the harvest of apples.

With singing, dancing, delicious foods, hand-made things, sports, arts, parade and so on, the town will bustle, and will turned to apple color.

Minister of the Ringo Kingdom(Hirosaki)
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