Hirosaki Ringo Exposition

Hirosaki produces approximately 20 % of apples in Japan. Thus, apples are very familiar to the life, industry and tourism in Hirosaki that fit to call itself “The Ringo Kingdom”. “The Ringo Kingdom” will broaden its tourism information with the keyword “apples” through the year. Especially in harvest season, “Hirosaki Ringo Exposition 2015” will be held in order to spread our wonderful “apples” in and out of the town. Featuring apples in various situations during the exposition, we will provide information about its culture we proud of.

Event“Hirosaki Ringo Exposition2015”

Hirosaki Ringo Exposition2015

Apple production amount in Hirosaki is the number one in Japan, and so it can say that apples are the “culture” based on our life not only for industry.

We appreciate harvesting of this wonderful “apples”, this autumn in Hirosaki will be also filled with apple color.

We will widely appeal our awesome “apples” to people not only in but also out of Hirosaki, by decorating with apples in every scene of eating, town or events.

Various events held during the Exposition will coordinate to spread the Hirosaki’s “apples” which we proud of.

Hirosaki Ringo Exposition

“Hirosaki × France” Project
In September,“Hirosaki × France Week” Full of Hirosaki and Apple and France!

  • An event coordinate with Apple Harvest Festival at Apple Park,September 19th and 20th
  • “Photographic Exposition of France related to Hirosaki” at NAKASAN (1fl, Horai Square Side Galleria), September 21st – 27th
  • Lecture by a guest from France at Hyakkokumachi Gallery, September 23rd
  • French Festival in Hirosaki 2015 at Horai Square,September 26th
  • Talks in the Town “Hirosaki and Apple and France” at Dotemachi Community Park,September 26th
Hirosaki × France

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