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About us
About “Ringo Kingdom”, Hirosaki City. It produces approximately 20 percent of apple product in Japan.
About the Ringo Kingdom
About the Kingdom that all citizens love apples.
King of the Ringo Kingdom
The King is a cheerful child who loves apples and who is loved by people.
Minister of the Ringo Kingdom
The Minister has an important role supporting the King. He loves apples and is a kind-hearted person.
Hirosaki Ringo Exposition
You can get the information about “Hirosaki Ringo Exposition” including various events, which will be held in fall, harvesting season.
We introduce you various events related apples held in Hirosaki City, Aomori.
Let’s go to the Ringo Kingdom
Introducing many topics and things about apples that you can see and find in the Ringo Kingdom.
Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us.
Information for the access to the Ringo Kingdom (Hirosaki City)
You can find other websites of related companies and governments.
Privacy Policy
It tells our privacy policy on the Ringo Kingdom Website.
Site Map
This page. It introduces contents of the Ringo Kingdom Website.
Hirosaki Apple Pie Guide Map
Hirosaki City Hirosaki Tourism and Convention Bureau
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